B.U.G. Mafia & Ian | By Heart Society @BTarena, Cluj-Napoca

BTarena | Strada Uzinei Electrice, Cluj-Napoca

Vineri 27 Octombrie 🌎 Trap World❌ IAN

Bilete: https://iabilet.ro/bilete-cluj-napoca-heart-society-x-ian-x-highschool-nostalgia

Warm Up and After Party DJ Lexi and Mc Rosso

Sambata 28 Octombrie 2023 🎃 Heartween❌ BUG MAFIA

Bilete: https://iabilet.ro/bilete-cluj-napoca-heart-society-x-b-u-g-mafia

Warm Up & After Party: Toni Maier, Stan Adrian and Mc Rosso


Venture into the nights during the greatest Halloween party! Bring your wildest fantasies to life with rambunctious outfits and rhythms to match them!🔮

We are Heart Society ⚜️
It’s all about the people!

This is an 18 and over event!

Sound & Lights: SOUND36 by Horatiu Suhani

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